1. What is one card printing?

    One Card Printing (OCP) is a service provided by Computer Centre, which is one of the services under One Card Solution (OCS). OCP provide a one-stop solution to credit-controlled print, scan and photocopy services.

  2. What can I do with OCP?

    Print your documents, scan your documents, and photocopy.

  3. How can I start using OCP?

    Send your print jobs to printer "Follow-You Print on NEUCPS01". Go to one of the OCP participated photocopiers, tap your student ID card or staff ID card on the card reader, once the photocopier logged you in, you may start using the OCP.

  4. How to check my sent print jobs?

    Go to this website: http://neucps01.newera.local/EQWebClient/LandingPage, use your e-Account to login, click on the "User Dashboard", your print jobs shall appear below the "View jobs" tab.
    Note: The website above can only access within campus.

  5. How to top-up my account?

    Currently you may only go to library reception to top-up your account.

  6. What is the maximum and minimum amount to top-up at once?

    Maximum: no limit imposed currently.
    Minimum: RM 10.

  7. What is the amount of transaction fee charged for every top-up?

    RM 0.00.

  8. What is the usage charges of the OCP?

    Printing and photocopy:
    RM 0.10 per page for B/W printing on paper size < A3.
    RM 0.20 per page for B/W printing on paper size >= A3.
    RM 0.50 per page for Color printing on paper size < A3.
    RM 1.00 per page for Color printing on paper size >= A3.
    No charges.

  9. Where can I get my printed hard copies?

    You can release your print jobs at any OCP participated copies, and retrive the papers from the copier output tray.

  10. I have printed a color document, but the document printed in black and white, why?

    You must send print as color print at printing preference. And we have black and white only copiers, be sure go to a color copier to release your print.

  11. I have sent a print job as color print, but I only want it to print as black and white, how?

    There is a "Force B/W" button on the release screen, select the button and release print.

  12. I have scanned some documents, where can I get the digital copies?

    You can use the PCC to scan your document, it will send the digital copy to your campus E-mail.
    Click here for login instructions. (English version)

  13. What is "MFP's output"?

    This is the default output of the OCP scanning. It actually is a PDF file.

  14. What is the maximum paper size these copier can handle?


  15. Where are those copier located and how many machine are in operation?

    Library: in front of the reception desk, 1.
    Block B G floor: beside of the reception desk, 1.
    Block C 1st floor: inside of the office of Department of Art & Design, 1.
    Block C 2nd floor: beside the door of office of Department of Chinese Language & Literature, 1.

  16. Why the non-Latin characters display as a bunch of question marks ("???")?

    We don't know. It might the machine limited display capability.

  17. Can I turn the question marks ("???") into readable Chinese characters?

    Yes, simply change the machine language into Chinese language. Make sure to change back to English for non-Chinese reader convenience.

  18. Will the question marks ("???") affects my Chinese characters in my print job?

    No. It is just a machine capability of display non-Latin characters. Your Chinese characters in your print job will be printed as is.

  19. The machine printed my PDF file, but all the characters are gone, only the pictures and decoration lines are printed, how to solve?

    Select "Print as Image" at the printing preference before you send the print job.

Last update: 2017/10/03 10:18